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Stream processing of IoT resources
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What is the Data Fusion Manager

The Data Fusion Manager is a Smart City agent for Stream Mining. With it, we can discover context in real-time in the city with millions of device, e.g. waste bins are full, leakages in some areas. Additionally, the Data Fusion Manager can create learn models out the evens of the city in real-time. Using the learnt models, it can discover or forecast more complex situations.

To run

To run the Data Fusion Manager, all that is needed is to execute the following:
$ docker run -it --rm -p 8319:8319 almanacproject/datafusionmanager:latest


The DFM relies on configurations files.

  • conf.cfg

The default configurations can be overwritten with local configuration files, for example:
$ docker run -v /config:/config almanacproject/datafusionmanager:latest
Just put your files in a /config folder and these will be loaded.
You can download examples of the configuration files from here:

More information can be found at: ALMANAC Project Website

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