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The Virtualization Layer offers external applications an entry point to ALMANAC
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What is the Virtualisation Layer

The Virtualization Layer offers an entry point to external applications and their users, with a mission to facilitate the use of features offered by internal ALMANAC components. The Virtualization Layer can route user’s request to the appropriate ALMANAC component(s) – after a security check – in the local ALMANAC instance or in the other instances of the federation. Furthermore, the Virtualization Layer exposes Web-friendly communication protocols and is able to transform some data formats to make them easier to consume by end-users.

Running the VL

The VL can be run with default configurations like so:
$ docker run -it --rm -p 80:80 almanacproject/virtualizationlayer:latest


Since the purpose of the VL is to stitch together IoT Platform components, it has to be highly configurable. All configuration is done through environment variables, and here are the default values:

For example:
$ docker run -e INSTANCE_NAME=DC_Test almanacproject/virtualizationlayer:latest

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