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Simple REST API for keeping scores about who's the best in the office (just kidding).

Build with mvn package to create an executable jar (uberjar) or use the maven profile -Pwebapp to create a war.

Run with java -jar spatwork-<version>.jar or deploy the war in any application container.

The jar file is deployed to [Bintray] ( and there is a docker image available on [Docker Hub] (

You will need a MongoDB server running on localhost (you can use -Pembedmongo for the tests) or provide the URI and db name in the environment (retrieved with System.getEnv). I personnally have my database hosted at [] ( (former MongoHQ).


You can provide video links for each recorded game. A videos.json file is expected in webapp/videos directory.

    { "id": "2", "file": "videos/match-2-video.mp4", "web": "youtube-url" },
    { "id": "8", "file": "videos/some-kick-ass-video.mp4", "web": "dailymotion-url" },
    { "id": "8", "file": "videos/some-kick-ass-video.mp4", "web": "vimeo-url" }


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