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Short Description
BorgBackup (short: Borg) is a deduplicating backup program. This is the git version.
Full Description

This docker project brings the small and simple backup solution borg to your

How to use

test this image

$ docker run -ti docker-borgbackup -h
usage: borg [-h]

Borg 0.24.0+17.g3100fac - Deduplicated Backups

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Available commands:

Maybe its better to put docker run -ti docker-borgbackup in a borg-alias or
script for the shell.


$ docker run --rm -ti -v /storage/backup:/backupdir -v /home/xxx:/sourcedir/xxx docker-borgbackup init /backupdir
$ docker run --rm -ti -v /storage/backup:/backupdir -v /home/xxx:/sourcedir/xxx docker-borgbackup create -p /backupdir::/home/xxx /sourcedir/xxx
$ docker run --rm -ti -v /tmp/backup:/backupdir -v /development/gitarchives/sbc:/sourcedir/sbc docker-borgbackup list /backupdir
/xxx                                 Thu Aug 13 12:41:40 2015

Automatic backup

This Dockerfile is arranged to do automatic backups. For this the option
mybackup is added.


We run borg in a container which needs access to the directories/files which
need a backup and the directory in which we put the backup, furthermore we need
a configuration file for automation of the backup process via a cron job. For
this we use docker specific options.

All folders or files and the configuration file for the backup have to be
mounted in the /sourcedir folder.

The store folder for the backup have to be in /backupdir.


The file must be named borg-backup.ini. The file must have MISC and
REPO and could have PRUNE and EXCLUDE sections.

In this repository we have an ini-file example.


Two options exists in the MISC section. One is version and has to be the
same as the in-docker mybackup script. And the second option is for verbose


You mount your backup folder into the backupdir folder of the docker image.
Your backup repositories are accessible through the backuprepo option. And
the backup archives are generated from the backupname, dateappend and
dateformat options.


You can disable pruning via enable option. The borg options for
--keep-hourly, --keep-daily, --keep-weekly, --keep-monthly and
--keep-yearly have a corresponding option via the ini-file options
hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


All entries in the EXCLUDE section are added to the --exclude option at
archive creation time. The name of the ini-file entries are regardless.


$ docker run -ti -v /etc:/sourcedir/etc -v ~/borg-backup.ini:/sourcedir/borg-backup.ini -v /mnt/ext/BACKUP:/backupdir docker-borgbackup init /backupdir
$ docker run -ti -v /etc:/sourcedir/etc -v ~/borg-backup.ini:/sourcedir/borg-backup.ini -v /mnt/ext/BACKUP:/backupdir docker-borgbackup create /backupdir::xxx /sourcedir/...
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