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Simple MySQL container with auto-creating admin user.
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Docker Images

Collection of various docker images I've created.



All of these images are available on the Docker Registry. However, because some
images use common/shared code, please note these instructions for building.

The "build" branch (or branches ending with "-build" container a build/ directory.
The Dockerfiles in that directory may be built normally (using docker build .
or similar)

However, Docker doesn't yet support sharing resources across multiple Dockerfiles.
A recent version of Docker (1.1) added the ability to build an image from a tar file.
In this repository, image direcotires container symlinks exist to the relevant content.
For security reasons, Docker does not dereference/copy these symlinks. To build the
images manually, use the following command to dereference the symlinks using tar
and send it to docker build

# Docker 1.1 or higher required
tar cvf - . -h | docker build -

Before building, we recommend you review the symlinks in the directory.
(find -type l -print0 | xargs -0 ls -l should show the symlinks of the current directory
on GNU systems).

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