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This is a fork from voduytuan/jenkins-php-docker. Need for jenkins2
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Jenkins-PHP Docker

Here is another Jenkins-php template docker.
With the difference that this one works.

Is based on the Jenkins official docker image.


Saddly you just can't run the docker image and start working. You need to clone this repo. This is because the Jenkins image sets a volume for the jenkins home folder. And you will need to add the php template to that folder.

  • Clone this repo where you want. Like: /var/docker/jenkins-php-docker
  • Or you can just copy the files from the repo
    • Give rwx rights for the jenkins user in that folder
  • Run the image docker run -d -P -v /var/docker/jenkins-php-docker:/var/jenkins_home:rw naxhh/jenkins-php-docker

Docker exposes the port 8080 so just go to http://<yourip>:8080

Configure a project

Now you have a Jenkins working.
So you just need to configure your project. You can Follow the instructions in jenkins-php guide.

For a quick test you can set up a project for the Money project

  • Create a new work
  • Configure it as git and add the Money project clone url
  • You can save the work without any modification
  • Build the project and see the results.

Common problems or errors

  • Remember to add privileges for the jenkins user.
  • Job description by default have two images, you need to configure html rendering in the security options
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