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Docker Leed image

This is a Debian based image with Leed RSS client installed with an Apache webserver listening on port 80.
The database is not provided.

Please use a reverse proxy like nginx and not the image directly.

How to use

The imade didn't provide the database, so use environment variables to run the app.

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name leed -e DB_HOST="" -e DB_PORT="3306" -e DB_USER="user" -e DB_PWD="password" -e DB_NAME="leednew" -e LEED_USER="admin" -e LEED_PWD="PAAAS" -e LANG="fr" ahmet2mir/leed

You can use the fig file and run it with a database from another image

fig -p myproject up -d

If you need to enter in the app, use docker exec since Docker 1.3

docker exec -it leed /bin/bash
docker exec -it leed_leed_1 /bin/bash

In Database

docker exec -it leed_db_1 /bin/bash


Apache 2

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