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Flume image with environment variables expand in config files
Full Description

Flume docker image

Docker image for apache flume.

The image also installs hadoop to find it in the classpath (configurable by build arg)

Build args


Defaults to 3.7.0
Change if you need different version


As base image:

FROM flume:latest
ADD /flume/conf/
EXPOSE 44444
CMD ["agent" "-n", "customagent", "-Xmx1024m"]

As runnable:

docker run \
    -v $PWD/conf:/flume/conf \
    -e FLUME_MONITORING=http \
    -p 41414:41414 \
    -p 44444:44444 \
    flume agent -n agent007

WARNING default config is for testing only and uses a sequence source that
generates events continuously draining the cpu


The entrypoint wraps flume-ng to provide default arguments and
expand environment variables in config files.



The conf dir for flume.

Environment variables


Defaults to /flume/conf/
Default configuration directory to use when no -c argument is given.
Override this if you mounted your conf dir elsewhere or have a setup where
multiple conf dirs are needed


Defaults to $FLUME_CONF_DIR/
Default configuration file to use when no -f argument is given.
Override this if you need to have multiple property files in conf dir


Defaults to agent.
Default agent name to use when no -n argument is given


If set to http will open flume's json reporting on port 41414.

Environment variables substitution

The script uses envsubst
for substituting environment variables in the configuration file. For example:

agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.path = ${HDFS_ROOT}/data/foo/bar


agent.sinks.hdfsSink.hdfs.path = hdfs://

if the container runs with HDFS_ROOT=hdfs:// environment.

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