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PennMush, Mu2, Arch, MariaDB, Initial Install
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What is this?

Pennmush with my Mu2 code (, MariaDB(mysql), Arch and all of it setup for you already.

How to use

  • Step 1. Install Docker

Depending on your operating system this varies wildly. Windows users can install the Docker toolbox, Arch users can install the docker from the official repositories or docker-git from aur, ubuntu and other rpm based distros tend to have a docker in their repos, mac can install docker from their website along with kitematic.

  • Step 2. Run this command to pull this image.
docker pull alzie/mu2docker

On linux it will probably be:

sudo docker pull alzie/mu2docker
  • Step 3. Run the image.
docker run -d -p <port you want to connect to>:4201 mu2docker

On linux this will probably be:

sudo docker run -d -p <port you want to connect to>:4201 mu2docker
  • Step 4. Connect to your game

Enter the port you used above and your local IP. All done.

Extra info

If you need to restart your game for any reason, then do the following.

docker images

Find the ID of the mu2docker image.

docker exec ID sudo -u pennmu ./MuDocker/Pennmush/Mu2Empty/Penn_Mu2/game/restart
Docker Pull Command