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Run your testgen test-suite in docker.
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I am a big fan of Automated Acceptance Testing (AAT) and even more so of Jeffrey S. Morgan's page-object and testgen gems which combined with watir-webdriver make writing and maintaining browser driven cucumber/rspec tests a joy.

If you are using this combination of tools and techniques, this test-suite image will allow you to either set up a fresh test-suite, or continue working on an existing one.

There is a book that describes in detail how to use the page-object gem and others to create a complete view of testing web and other types of applications. The book is named Cucumber & Cheese.

Working with an existing testgen/page-object test-suite

cd into your project directory. Run the docker run command (see Usage below). The container will detect the existing Gemfile and automatically run bundle install. Then you're good to go.

Creating a new testgen/page-object test-suite

Create a new directory for your test project and cd into it. Run the docker run command (see Usage below). The container will detect that there is no Gemfile and create a new testgen project framework before running bundle install. Your new project is now ready for business.


docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/test-suite --name test-suite am2100/test-suite

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