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DTM server in nodejs
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DTM web server with built-in download of SRTM data by country.

Requires: a mapped volume path to a data directory (can be empty).

To run:
docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /hostdatapath/:/data -t amacleod/orbdtm node /var/dtm-server/dtm-server

"http://localhost:8080/test" - will test the service and return the elevation at Greenwich, London
"http://localhost:8080/[latitude]/[longitude]/" will return the elevation at the given latlng pair

(n.b. On OSX, "localhost" must be switched for the local docker VM IP address)

To install data:

  • First see a list of available country codes (-l or --list switch)
    docker run amacleod/orbdtm node /var/dtm-server/dtm-server -l

  • To install all data for France, e.g.:
    docker run amacleod/orbdtm node /var/dtm-server/dtm-server -i france

  • To see the help
    docker run amacleod/orbdtm node /var/dtm-server/dtm-server -h

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