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Obese PHP-FPM container
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ama-team/php-fpm-fatty Docker image

This repository contains temporary project for building heavily bundled
PHP-FPM Docker image. As many other organizations, we need to run our
PHP applications somewhere, and that's somewhere has to have some PHP
extensions and binaries.

This docker image is based on php:7.1-fpm Debian image. We may migrate
to Alpine later.

What's bundled in:

Environment options

Enabling XDebug

To enable XDebug, set FATTY_EXTENSION_XDEBUG to anything:

docker run -e FATTY_EXTENSION_XDEBUG=true amateam/php-fpm-fatty

XDebug itself may have too heavy impact to be turned on always.


All environment options starting with FATTY_INI_ are processed using
following rules:

  • FATTY_INI_ prefix is stripped off
  • double underscore is replaced with dot
  • result is lowercased and printed as '%result% = %value'

Following examples will demonstrate it:

Variable Value Result
PHP_INI_DIR /usr/local/etc/php No result - prefix mismatch
FATTY_INI_MEMORY_LIMIT 128M memory_limit = 128M
FATTY_INI_XDEBUG__COLLECT_RETURN true xdebug.collect_return = true
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