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Amazon Linux 2018.03 (minimal 60mb) (UPDATED: 2018/05/21)
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NOTE There is an official Amazon Linux ( docker image available now. Back when I created this (~July/2014), there was nothing available (See the post on the AWS forums below). For a long time this was the top rated and only available image for Amazon Linux. Even today, this image is ~50% the size of the official Amazon one. (I still can't get the official image to consistently download packages).

UPDATED: Add "-p yum-plugin-ovl " so that this image can be used as a base on yum based hosts.

I posted how to create an Amazon Linux image on the AWS Developer Forum ( copied from ) :

For anyone interested, I got this working. I'd push up the image to the registry, but I'm not sure if I have permission to do so. If someone from AWS would like, I can put the file somewhere (~100mb).

  1. Boot up an amazon linux ami (I used amzn-ami-hvm-2016.03.0.x86_64-gp2).
  2. yum install -y docker && service docker start
  3. wget -q
  4. bash -p yum-plugin-ovl ambakshi/amazon-linux

At this point you have an image with the specified name, tagged by the os version. You can run it, retag it and push it to a private registry, export it, etc. Came in real handy during our move from centos to amazon linux when I was testing puppet.

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