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Docker Amazon Linux (2014.09) with pe-puppet 3.7.1

Amazon Linux 2014.09 + tools + Puppet Enterprise 3.7.1

Includes a basic layout of a new puppet site with some best practices like librarian-puppet, hiera, external facts, etc.

Getting started

Build your own image (or get it from docker hub), then use the run target while passing in the hostname (H=) and the desired name (NAME=).

$ make build
$ make run NAME=test

Modify your Puppetfile to add more modules, and your site.pp is in manifests/. By default it imports manifests/bootstrap and does some node name based classification.

Place any custom facts into facts.d/ directory and put your data into hiera/. {hiera,facts.d}/{local,secret}.{txt,yaml} are ignored from git, so they make a good place to put your local site-specific and secret information.

Amit Bakshi 1/6/2015

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