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Transform docker-compose configs to ECS
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container-transform is a small utility to transform various docker container
formats to one another.

Currently, container-transform can parse and convert ECS task definitions and
docker-compose configuration files. Any missing required parameters are
printed to STDERR.


$ cat docker-compose.yml | container-transform  -v
    "family": "python-app",
    "volumes": [
            "name": "host_logs",
            "host": {
                "sourcePath": "/var/log/myapp"
    "containerDefinitions": [
            "memory": 1024,
            "image": "postgres:9.3",
            "name": "db",
            "essential": true
            "memory": 128,
            "image": "redis:latest",
            "name": "redis",
            "essential": true
            "name": "web",
            "memory": 64,
            "command": [
            "mountPoints": [
                    "sourceVolume": "host_logs",
                    "containerPath": "/var/log/uwsgi/"
            "environment": [
                    "name": "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
                    "value": "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
                    "name": "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
                    "value": "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111"
            "essential": true
Container db is missing required parameter "cpu".
Container redis is missing required parameter "cpu".
Container web is missing required parameter "image".
Container web is missing required parameter "cpu".

Docker Image

To get the docker image, run::

docker pull ambition/container-transform:latest

To run the docker image::

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data/ ambition/container-transform  docker-compose.yml

# or
cat docker-compose.yml | docker run --rm -i ambition/container-transform


To install the latest release, type::

pip install container-transform

To install the latest code directly from source, type::

pip install git+git://


Full documentation is available at


MIT License (see LICENSE)

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