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Full ubuntu 14.04 server
Full Description

1.3 GB of ubuntu 14.04 server with most of the pkg that is needed.

command used while creating this image:

# created a place holder where I can create the image tar file.

  1. mkdir /tar
  2. cd /tar

# command to create a tar file.

  1. tar --numeric-owner --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/dev --exclude=/run --exclude=/tar -cvf ubuntu14-0-server.tar /

# command to create a docker image out of tar file

  1. amit@server:~$ cat ubuntu14-0-server.tar | docker import - amitmund/ubuntu14-0-server

# uploading image to my docker repo.

  1. amit@server:~$ docker push amitmund/ubuntu14-0-server
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