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A link to a GIT Repo containing the dockerfile as well as scripts.

Contains the Dockerfile for building out a docker container leveraging NGINX, copying specific configuration files into that container from the src directory and allows for setting of an environmental variable in Docker upon start to alter values.

Docker Information
Docker file pulls from supported nginx version, copies the src directory to the container and sets nginx access logs to stdout and nginx error logs to stderr

The following values for the variable ‘ENVIRON’ are valid

If prod is set the below values are configured in NGINX

50 worker processes
worker_rlimit_nofile of 8192
worker_connections at 4096.
If dev is set the below values are configured in NGINX

10 worker processes
worker_rliminit_nofile of 4096
worker_connects of 1024
This container already exists on Docker Hub, to launch this container please execute the below command which will launch the container to run as a background process.

sudo docker run -e “ENVIRON=prod” -d -p 80:80 amorenn/nginx-dev-prod bash /var/src/

If you should need to change any of the data provided here you will need to rebuild your container with

docker build -t ‘dockerhubuser/repository’ .

Docker Pull Command