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Allows to sync local data with s3 but both ways.
Full Description

Docker container that synchronize specified data volumen with s3 bucket using s3cmd sync and cron.
If the S3_RESTORE_PATH is empty, script will fetch data from s3 to local destination, however if S3_RESTORE_PATH already contains data script will skip fetching s3 data.


docker run -d [OPTIONS] amsdard/s3-sync


  • - ACCESS_KEY=<AWS_KEY>: Your AWS key.
  • - SECRET_KEY=<AWS_SECRET>: Your AWS secret.
  • - S3_PATH=s3://<BUCKET_NAME>/<PATH>/: S3 Bucket name and path. Should end with trailing slash.
  • - S3_RESTORE_PATH=s3://<BUCKET_NAME>/<PATH>/: S3 path from which we want to restore our data, defaults to S3_PATH Should end with trailing slash.
  • - DATA_PATH=/<path to data>/: container's data folder. Should end with trailing slash.
  • - OWNER_UID=1000: will change ownership of downloaded files to user with id=1000
  • - OWNER_GID=1000: will change group of downloaded files to group with id=1000

Optional parameters:

  • - 'CRON_SCHEDULE=0 1 * * *': specifies when cron job starts (details). Default is 0 1 * * * (runs every day at 1:00 am).
  • - S3_GET_PARAMS: parameters to pass to the get command (full list here).
  • - S3_SYNC_PARAMS="--dry-run": parameters to pass to the sync command (full list here).
  • - MAKE_DATETIME_SNAPSHOTS: true|false, setting this to true will additionally sent files to {bucket_path}_snapshots/{yyyy-mm-dd}/{hh-mm} location.
  • - COMPRESS=false: whether or not archive data before backup
  • - COMPRESS_PARAMS=--exclude=docker: will exclude docker from archive. Must be relative path to DATA_PATH
  • - PASSWORD='': password to encrypt archive. Compress must be set to true.
  • - BACKUP_AT_START='false': will backup data as start
  • - RESTORE_AT_START='true': will restore data at start

--delete-removed --exclude .ssh/ --exclude .docker/ --exclude workspace/*


Run upload to S3 everyday at 12:00pm:

docker run -d \
    -e ACCESS_KEY=myawskey \
    -e SECRET_KEY=myawssecret \
    -e S3_PATH=s3://my-bucket/backup/ \
    -e 'CRON_SCHEDULE=0 12 * * *' \
    -v /home/user/data:/data:ro \

It is super important to add / at the and of paths, otherwise thing will get messy. In example:

  image: amsdard/s3-sync
    - ACCESS_KEY=myawskey
    - SECRET_KEY=myawssecret
    - S3_PATH=s3://my-bucket/files/
    - S3_RESTORE_PATH=s3://my-bucket/files/
    - DATA_PATH=/app/files/
    - CRON_SCHEDULE=*/1 * * * *
    - OWNER_UID=1000
    - OWNER_GID=1000
    - data

Will download content of s3://my-bucket/files/ into directory /app/files whereelse s3://my-bucket/files would download "file" directory into "/app/files" resulting in creating "/app/files/files"

DATA_PATH also needs to end with "/", if you want content of it be uploaded to specified s3 path. So "/app/files/" will upload all files from this dirctory into s3://my-bucket/files/ whereelse "/app/files" would upload "files" directory into s3://my-bucket/files/ resulting in s3://my-bucket/files/files being created.

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