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bind9 on alpine
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Bind9 on AlpineLinux for HA-Cluster using DRBD9 and GFS2


docker run -d --restart=always --name=bind9 --dns= --publish=53:53/udp \
--volume=<to-your-bind-direcotry>/bind/:/etc/bind/ amssn/bind9:latest

You can also use --publish=53:53/tcp for the Master <--> Slave IXFER and --publish=953:953/tcp to use rndc from a remote maschine

The -g option has been removed due we are logging to stdout/stderr and to files for fail2ban.

There is already in the /etc/bind volume some sample data for a external Authority and internal Cache Config available

In the f2b Directory is a sample fail2ban Jail Config to prevent DDOS Spoofing Attacks in a combination with rate-limiting


You can also connect collected instance with --link on port 8053/tcp or other docker containers using --link bind9
Enable the dnstap feature

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