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development environment
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Scripts to easily install the software in Ubuntu


The docker is targeted for a develop environment for deep learning, especially for caffe. Pull it by

docker pull amsword/setup


  • command-t
    • Open a file fastly.
    • click , and t to invoke the command-t plugin and then type the file name. Use arrows to select. Click enter to select.
    • If the file has ever opened, click , and b to search the file list in all the opened.
    • The name in the search mode doesn't have to be the full name. Partial matching is supported.
    • Use ctrl+c to exit the search mode if you don't want to open any file.
    • Use ctrl+f to update the command-t so that it can index the newly-created file.
  • ConqueGDB
    • An easy way to debug the c/c++ code inside vim.
  • YouCompleteMe
    • Auto completion
    • Click j and d to go to the definition if it works.
  • Fugitive
    • Easy way to work with Git inside vim.
    • Gstatus to show the result of git status in one buffer
      • click D on the file which is changed to show the different.
      • Click U to revert the change.
    • GCommit to commit a code change


  • enter the tmux: tmux a -d -t id
    • -d: to detach the existing attached session.
    • -t: which tmux session you want to attach
  • show all the tmux sessions: tmux ls
  • create a new window: ctrl a c
  • go back to the previous window: ctrl a a
  • kill the window: ctrl a &
  • change the window name: ctrl a ,

one script to install the development environment for CNTK in ubuntu environment.

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