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Crashplan with a RDP GUI for headless servers.
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This container starts an instance of Crashplan, with a GUI application.
This project was copied from and modified to use my version of dockergui that exposes a RDP connection for GUI apps on a headless server. Pairing this with a guacamole and guacd container you can access the GUI.

The original project by gfjardim contained a VNC & noVNC connection, but since I already had an ecosystem including guacamole and dockergui, I decided to port it.

CrashPlan Container with CrashPlanPro Desktop App

To run this container, please use this command:

docker run -d --name="CrashPlan" \
       --net="bridge" \
       -p 4242:4242 \
       -p 4243:4243 \
       -p 3389:3389 \
       -v "/path/to/your/crashplan/config":"/config":rw \
       -v "/path/to/your/data/dir":"/data":rw \

###Some supported variables:

####Variable TZ:

This will set the correct timezone. Set yours to avoid time related issues.

-e TZ="America/Sao_Paulo"

####Variable HARDENED:

This will disable MPROTECT for grsec on Java executable (for hardened kernels).



This container ports can be changed, in bridge network mode, changing the "-p" switch from the run command.

####Port 4243:

This port is used by CrashPlan app to connect to CrashPlan service.

####Port 3389:

This port exposes a RDP instance with the CrashPlan Desktop App.

You will need to use a RDP service such as quacamole to connect to the GUI.

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