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The tomecast worker is an automatic transcriber for podcasts
It will listen to a redis queue for messages
Once a message is recieved it will process it, and try to generate a transcript of the podcast.

The worker requires the following software to be installed

Getting Started

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

The worker can be started by running the following command:

REDIS_SERVER_URL="redis://ABC123" SPEECH_API_KEY=ABC123 GITHUB_API_KEY=ABC123 bundle exec sidekiq -r ./worker.rb -d -L logs/sidekiq.log

Where ABC123 is replaced by your redis url and api keys.

To test that the worker is working properly, you can modify the add-to-queue.rb file and then, in a seperate console window, you can run

REDIS_SERVER_URL='redis://ABC123' bundle exec ruby ./add-to-queue.rb

Which will add podcasts to the queue.

Helpful commands/urls

  • sox test/serial-s01-e01.mp3 -c 1 -r 8000 out.wav trim 0 10
  • mcs /reference:System.ServiceModel.dll /reference:System.Runtime.Serialization /reference:System.Web -r:SDK/Microsoft-IntelligentServices-Speech-Windows-1.0.3954923/SpeechSDK/x64/SpeechClient.dll Program.cs


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