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Create basic kubernetes configs from docker containers
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Create basic kubernetes configs from docker containers. This inspects docker containers and generates kubernetes YAML files to deploy them.

Currently it creates Deployments, Services and ConfigMaps


Deployments are always created per container. It includes docker image and env variables. If there are host bind mounts, volumes are defined. If there are exposed ports a container ports are defined.


Services are created if there are any ports.


Config maps are created for all host bound volumes. It reads the mounted file or directory creates a config map with the existing files.


Run standalone

node cli -c <containerId> -o <pathToOutputFolder>

Or run in docker

docker run -it -v /:/root -v `pwd`:/output -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock anandkumarpatel/kontainer


-c, --containerId <string> - containerId to generate kubernetes configs for

-o, --outpath <path> - directory to place kubernetes config files

-m, --remove-mounts <regex> - if source mount matches this regex, then it is ignored. This option is useful if you want to remove log or database mounts.

-i, --use-image-as-name - use image name as name for resources. (default is container name)

-r, --root-path - root path for volumes. (useful when run in a container)

-a, --all - get config for all containers on host


node cli.js --all -o /output --use-image-as-name --remove-mounts 'log|db'


  • This tool does not generate production ready configs. It is meant to get you started with base templates.
  • I highly recommend changing ConfigMaps to secrets if your mounted files contain sensitive information.
  • If you would like to see some other features please open an issue or create a PR ;)

Not Supported ... Yet!

  • mount file to root (-v /some/file.txt:/file.txt)
  • mounts with directories in them
  • networks
  • non-bind volumes
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