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DBNDNS/DJBDNS in a container

DBNDNS is a fork of DJBDNS maintained by the Debian Project.


I love the DJB's concise format of TinyDNS records and after using it for over 8 years, I cannot stand BIND's overly verbose and clunky scheme, requiring separate zone files for reverse lookups.

Instead of having two separate zone files, which are more dificult to keep track of, imo:

# forward zone file
$TTL 3600
@         SOA (
                  1421690779 ; serial
                  28800      ; refresh
                  3600       ; retry
                  604800     ; expire
                  300   )    ; negative TTL
      IN  NS
      IN  MX 10
      IN  A
ns    IN  A
www   IN  CNAME
mail  IN  A

# reverse zone file
$TTL 3600 IN SOA (
                        1421690779      ; serial
                        10800           ; refresh
                        3600            ; retry
                        604800          ; expire
                        300 )           ; negative TTL
        IN      NS
10      IN      PTR
11      IN      PTR

a single, more concise zone file containing both forward and reverse zone is simple enough to view, edit, parse, generate or diff..

PTR records a automatically created for any host by using = sign - isn't that a beauty?

There are plenty of BIND-format generators for any language, making parsing or generating BIND formated zone file not as tedious as I'm making it out to be. But my personal preference is given to TinyDNS style data. YMMW.

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