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A container for applying dynamic DNS updates
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DNS update for INWX (resinOS Raspberry)

DNS update for INWX (resinOS Raspberry)

A Docker image that dynamicly updates DNS records hosted at inxw with your current WAN address.
It uses the nsupdate shell script for this purpose.


A Raspberry PI that is running Linux and Docker (like using the resinOS image).


Clone this repository and place your .config files into the nsupdate.d folder.
See the here for an example.

Build the Docker image on the host:

$ docker build -t nsupdate .
$ docker run -d --restart=always --name nsupdate nsupdate

or using the resin-device-toolbox on your desktop:

$ rdt push --source .

or downloading the image and mounting your configuration files as volume:

$ docker run --d --restart=always --name nsupdate -v ./nsupdate.d:/nsupdate/nsupdate.d andban/rpi-nsupdate



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