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Your application uses Java 8 and builds with Maven.


Just a short list of what is (and is not) working:

  • Check out and build your application
  • Custom start script in bin/start of your application.
  • Re-use local Maven repository to avoid downloading all dependencies every time. Need to use incremental builds to enable this.
  • (Optional) Clean up after build to reduce image size. Create bin/cleanup
  • TODO? Incremental build through re-store of target folders? Will make images larger.

Build this STI base


Using in application

Publish image

To use this in OpenShift it needs to be available in a Docker Repository. To do this perform (on the machine you ran make on) something along the lines of:

docker tag openshift-sti-java-8:latest <myrepo_with_port>/openshift-sti-java-8
docker push <myrepo_with_port>/openshift-sti-java-8

Create scripts

Create whatever start command you need and place it in a bin directory. It is just called bin/start.

Optional: To enable smaller image sizes you can include a cleanup script. This will be called after the build, and can remove unused. You can remove sources and temporary build artifacts.

Prepare for build

If your application just needs a plain mvn build you don't really need to do anything. Default is mvn install. MAVEN_OPTS is set to:

  • Disable tests (-DskipTests=true)
  • Activate profile "openshift" (-P openshift)
  • Variable platform-target set to "openshift" (-Dplatform-target=openshift)

Bootstrap your application on OpenShift

Move into the directory of your application (where you have pom.xml):

oc new-app <myrepo_with_port>/openshift-sti-java-8:latest --strategy=source .

This will create all the necessary resources on OpenShift. To see the generated setup before executing with oc create -f app-template.yaml perform:

    oc new-app <myrepo_with_port>/openshift-sti-java-8:latest --strategy=source --output=yaml . > app-template.yaml


There is a test directory here, but it's not updated right now...

Build image to yes app locally

Move to your application directory and run:

s2i build --force-pull=false --incremental=true . openshift-sti-java-8 <application_name>

Start image

Aften building, start your application with:

docker run -p 8080:8080 <application_name>


Sorry, not implemented yet. The test directory (and Make command) is just something that came with the s2i bootstrap.

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