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My dotfiles and scripts in a can!
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I use .bash_profile on both Linux and OSX, a uname-check fixes the platformspesific values.
To use .bash_profile on Linux, remember to add

if [ -f ~/.bash_profile ]; then
. ~/.bash_profile

to .bashrc.
My bin-equivalent is found Here and is placed in my Dropbox for easy sharing, just added to


.osx is used on a new Mac-installation, and makes OSX usable for me.
Just run:



Since I haven't gotten around to install Homebrew yet, I still use Macports as my goto package manager for OSX. My current installed ports are in the installedPorts-file, and I use installPorts to install them:


To get you're own list of installed ports use the following command:

sudo port installed | sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' | sed s/@[^@]*$// > InstalledPorts.txt

If you find yourself doing this more than once, do as I do: script the sucker.

Remember to use the updated Macports version of Bash located in /opt/local/bin/bash -l


Hey! It just took some years and a new Mac, but here are some brews for HomeBrew.


Listing out with

brew list > installedBrews.txt


I have started playing with Atom as my new cross platform editor.
So far it looks promising. The atom folder contains my settings and extension packages.
When Atom and its command line tools are installed,


takes care of the rest.

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