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Docker-image for Team City.

    docker build -t andmos/teamcity .
    docker run --name teamcityserver -p 8111:8111 -dt andmos/teamcity

Navigate to http://localhost:8111 and run through the setup.

To store data outsite container, use -v /data/teamcity:/data/teamcity

Another neat trick is to use a dedicated storage container:

   docker create --name teamcitydata -v /data/teamcity -td debian
    docker run --name teamcityserver -p 8111:8111 --volumes-from=teamcitydata -dt andmos/teamcity

Start agent:

    docker build -t andmos/teamcityagent Agent/
    docker run --link teamcityserver:teamcityserver -e TEAMCITY_SERVER=http://teamcityserver:8111 -it -p 9090:9090 andmos/teamcityagent

Mono-based agent is in the works.

Based on ariya/centos6-teamcity-server, but rewritten for the
official Java JRE image.

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