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image andrdru/php-fpm with xdebug
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xdebug workaround for php in docker on Windows

This docker image extending my other docker image

Warning! Use this image for development only


  • Docker and docker-compose on Windows


On Windows Docker creates DockerNAT virtual net( by default), where host machine on and Docker containers on


  1. Switch off your windows brandmauer, or add exception rule
  2. add local alias to %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts site.local
  3. Checkout this repository
  4. cd ./example && docker-compose start -d
  5. default debug port is 9001
    For PhpStorm:
  • File->Settings PHP->Debug Xdebug Debug port 9001
  • Run->Start listening for PHP Debug Connections

Open http://site.local in browser. Now you can debug PHP locally using xDebug on Docker.

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