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PyPDFOCR on Docker

get rid of your paperwork...

This Docker image is based on the official Ubuntu base image.

How to use this image
docker run --rm andre74/pypdfocr_nl [-h] [-d] [-v] [-m] [-l LANG] [--preprocess]
[--skip-preprocess] [-w WATCH_DIR] [-f] [-c CONFIGFILE] [-e] [-n] [pdf_filename]
Case 1: Single Document
docker run -v ~/:/media --rm andre74/pypdfocr_nl /media/filename.pdf
--> reads filename.pdf from your Home directory, filename_ocr.pdf will be generated

Case 2 : Watch folder
docker run -v ~/Documents/Paper:/media --rm andre74/pypdfocr_nl -w /media -f -c /media/config.yaml
For sample config see config.yaml or pypdfocr authors repository here.

docker run --rm andre74/pypdfocr_nl [-h] [-d] [-v] [-m] [-l LANG] [--preprocess]
[--skip-preprocess] [-w WATCH_DIR] [-f] [-c CONFIGFILE] [-e]
Interactive Shell

docker run --entrypoint=/bin/bash -t -i andre74/pypdfocr_nl
How i use this image
I use Scanner Pro on iOS (scanbot on Android) to scan and upload documents to a WebDAV folder without OCR
The WebDAV folder is hosted on my Synology DiskStation NAS via HTTPS and shared between devices with CloudStation
I run this PyPDFOCR on Docker manually on Mac OS X or hosted on a local server
This way my personal documents don't have to leave my hardware or network aka personal cloud.

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