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Base CentOS 7 + Nexus 3 (M1)

This image runs Nexus 3 (milestone 1) for testing purposes.
This work has shamefully stolen ideas from "jjethwa/nexus".
Sue me.

You can run it mounting the volumes to a host folder or onto
a volume container to preserve Nexus state. Suit yourself.

Try it out by running "" and opening the URL:

Default admin password is "admin123".

Since there seems to be no documented way to run nexus on
foreground (as prefered on Docker), the supervisord trick
has been used.

Useful scripts

  • : builds the image locally (docker build)
  • : convenient way to run commands on a new
    container (fast-food, auto-destroy) or even to just
    open a bash shell to play. You can sun supervisord manually,
    of course.
  • : convenient way to run nexus container
    from your shell.
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