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Base CentOS 7 with nginx.

Based on the official "dockerfile/nginx" image
and with bits from "internavenue/centos-nginx"

This is just a plain nginx image meant for reuse.
It exposes the same volumes as the original official
nginx image, but is based on CentOS 7.

Useful scripts

  • : builds the image locally (docker build)
  • : convenient way to run commands on a new
    container (fast-food, auto-destroy) or even to just
    open a bash shell to play.
  • : runs nginx container as daemon.
  • : you can use it to launch a quick self-service,
    fast-food web server that serves the current path.

Some nice tests:

Open bash:

bash-4.2# echo Wheeee

Show nginx version:

./ nginx -v
nginx version: nginx/1.6.1


Several volumes are exposed in order to permit reuse
in several ways. Feel free to toy around with it.

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