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A Docker image for the linkr URL shortener.
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This is a Docker wrapper for the linkr URL shortener. The image is based on debian:jessie, and the databse used for linkr is sqlite.

Running the image

The image stores the databse in the /data volume and exposes port 80 for http connections. It is wise to set up https using a reverse proxy in front of it (hint).

The example below shows how to run linkr on port 10000 and store data in /data/linkr:

docker run -d --name linkr --restart=unless-stopped -p 10000:80 -v /data/linkr:/data linkr

You should now be able to connect to http://localhost:10000 and use linkr. The default username is admin and the password is password; these can be changed in the linkr web settings.

Building a custom image

Building a custom image allows you to:

  • Use a specific version of linkr.
  • Change the configuration files, including server and web client parameters, and the database username and password.
  • Set a custom admin username and password.

To build an image, first pull the repository and edit the linkr configuration files inside the config directory. These are the same as the templates provided with the linkr source code, and their documentation can be found on the linkr GitHub page. Any file that is removed or left unedited will be replaced by the default configuration.

You probably want to set linkr_url (in config/options/server.json) to your domain name. For personal use, it might be wise to disable user registrations by setting allow_open_registration to false in the same file. Note that only sqlite databases are supported for now.

Next, the following build arguments are availble and can be given through the --build-arg <arg>=<value> syntax to docker build:

  • version: the linkr git version to use. This can be any treeish that can be passed to git checkout. Default: master.
  • admin_user: the name of the intial administrator user. Default: admin.
  • admin_pass: the initial password of the admin user (can be changed later through the web interface). Default: password.

Below is a full example:

docker build -t linkr:f920a83 --build-arg version=f920a83 --build-arg admin_user=general --build-arg admin_pass=kenobi .


  • Allow the other linkr database choices
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