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Django 1.5.1 with uwsgi, nginx and SSH.
Full Description

Base Django docker

This docker image contains the following packages:

  • nginx
  • uwsgi
  • Django 1.5.1
  • sshd
  • new relic
  • supervisord

Please note that it's just a base image, not production ready! In order to have
something usable you'll have to:

  • Create your own Dockerfile and use andresriancho/django-uwsgi-nginx-ssh as it's base

  • Set your New Relic license key for server monitoring:

     RUN nrsysmond-config --set license_key=...
  • Add your SSH keys to be able to login to the docker when it's running, the
    user you'll use for SSH is called docker:

     RUN ssh-import-id gh:andresriancho -o /home/docker/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Set the root password to su -:

     $ openssl passwd -1 your-password

    And then replace the hash here:

     RUN echo 'root:hash' | chpasswd -e
  • ADD the Django application code to /home/docker/code

     RUN cp myapp/
  • Move your Django application file to the /code/ directory

  • Place your static and media files in /home/docker/code/static/ and
    /home/docker/code/media/ respectively.

Pushing a new version

docker build -t andresriancho/django-uwsgi-nginx-ssh . 
docker pull andresriancho/django-uwsgi-nginx-ssh
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