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sqlmap test environment
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SQL injection test environment

A collection of web pages vulnerable to SQL injection flaws and more:

  • conf/ - operating system configuration files used by
  • dbs/ - standalone databases for some database management systems (e.g. Microsoft Access).
  • libs/ - web API libraries to connect to the database management system, perform the provided statement and return its output.
  • schema/ - SQL used to create the test database, a test table and populate it with test entries.
  • Other directories - vulnerable pages for each database management system.
  • - A bash script to deploy from scratch a fully-fledged Linux (Debian or Ubuntu) machine with all the relevant database management systems installed and configured, ready to be targeted.

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Docker image

The current docker image only supports MySQL, feel free to fork the testenv repository and add support for other databases by migrating more lines from into Dockerfile

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