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This repository contains all files required to build the w3af
package for Kali.

Before running these steps manually note that the steps outlined in this are automated
in w3af-kali-ci and this workflow is much simpler:

  • Tag a new release in w3af
  • Apply changes to this repository
  • Rebuild w3af-kali-ci to test the changes
    in this repository

Building a new package

Building a new Kali package for w3af requires these steps to be completed:

Install the required tools

sudo apt-get install -y devscripts git-buildpackage debhelper debootstrap python-all

Get this repository

git clone
cd w3af-kali

git checkout --track origin/upstream
git checkout --track origin/pristine-tar
git checkout master

Get the latest from Kali repositories

The Kali developers are really active and might add more patches or package dependencies.
So before performing any change on our side, lets pull from upstream:

git remote add kali-upstream git://
git fetch -v kali-upstream

git checkout master
git merge kali-upstream/master

Update the w3af version

When the code being packaged needs to be updated you'll have to tag it in the w3af

# Tag the new release in the w3af repository changing the $VERSION
cd w3af/
git tag $VERSION
git push origin --tags

And now in w3af-kali:

cd w3af-kali/

# Define the version

# This downloads the updated tagged version from your git repo
uscan --force-download --verbose
git-import-orig ../$VERSION.tar.gz --upstream-version=$VERSION

Package dependencies

w3af's dependencies change frequently and are listed
When we add a new dependency to upstream we then add extra work to the packaging
process. These are some of the recommended steps to follow to make sure all
dependencies are up to date:

  • Check file history to identify any changes

  • Find the two Depends: entries in the debian/control file and make sure all pip and OS packages from are listed there. It's important to identify the version of each Kali package, please verify the versions using

  • If there is a missing library that needs to be packaged contact the Kali developers

Build the package

cd w3af-kali/

# Add the new release changelog entry, pointing to the right version
# so dpkg-buildpackage can find the tgz
dch -v $VERSION-0kali1 -D kali -M --force-distribution
git commit debian/changelog -m $VERSION


# -uc and -us disable PGP signing (which we don't need, Kali devs will
# sign the final package)
# --git-ignore-new ignores any changes to the local directory
# -b builds binary only package
git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new -b -uc -us

The last command can fail because of one of the following:

  • Outdated patches (Hunk #1 FAILED at), which you fix using

    git checkout $W3AF_FILE_TO_PATCH
    # Edit the file with the changes you want to be in the debian package
    subl $W3AF_FILE_TO_PATCH
    quilt refresh
    quilt pop
    quilt push $PATCH_NAME

Testing the .deb files

  • Get the latest w3af-kali docker from the registry.
    The image includes django-moth and some w3af dependencies:

    sudo docker pull andresriancho/w3af-kali
  • Update the image with your local changes by running a build:

    cd w3af-kali/docker/
    sudo docker build -t andresriancho/w3af-kali .
  • Prepare the test files and run the container:

    cd w3af-kali/docker/
    cp ../../*$VERSION*.deb .
    sudo docker run -v `pwd`:/w3af/ -i -t --name w3af-kali --rm andresriancho/w3af-kali $VERSION

    If the return code of the command is 0 then w3af was properly installed and the scan
    found all the expected vulnerabilities.

Push the changes to this repository

git push
git push origin pristine-tar
git push origin upstream

Push to Kali repositories

Pushing to Kali repositories is not under our control, so we need to bother one
of the Kali maintainers.

Once they push the package we can see it here.

Creation of this repository

This repository is a copy of Kali Linux's w3af repository which was created using these commands:

cd /tmp/
apt-get source w3af
git-import-dsc w3af*.dsc
cd w3af
git push --mirror
cd ..
rm -rf w3af
cd /tmp/
git clone
cd w3af-kali
git remote add kali-upstream git://
git fetch -v kali-upstream
git merge kali-upstream/master


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