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w3af's moth

A set of vulnerable PHP scripts used to test w3af's vulnerability detection features.

The main repository for the w3af project can
be found here.


The easiest way to use w3af-moth is to start a docker container:

sudo docker run -p 80:80 -p 2222:22 andresriancho/w3af-moth

And then add the following lines to your /etc/hosts file: intranet default moth

Please note that you can build the docker image yourself:

sudo docker build -t andresriancho/w3af-moth .

Or simply get it from the registry:

sudo docker pull andresriancho/w3af-moth

Use SSH to connect to moth with root and MxqQt6iKUP6igE as password:

ssh root@ -p 2222


Moth was born as a test environment for the w3af project
can be found here. The code that lives in this repository
was usually bundled in a Virtual Machine and used from there.

After years of development I decided to move most of the features provided by this code to two different

The decision was made while writing unittests for w3af, which needed to run easily on our CI system,
and w3af-moth wasn't designed to be used in that way (too many custom Apache configs, ugly PHP
configs, etc).

Django-moth, received most of the attention and code. This is the repository which holds most of the test
cases for the w3af framework.

PHP-moth is a much smaller test suite which only contains test scripts for PHP-specific vulnerabilities.

Deprecation warning

While you can still use this repository for testing your scanner, education or any other purpose, I
don't guarantee that I'll fix bugs, issues, or improve it in any way.

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