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Access other storage backends via the S3 API
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Docker image for S3Proxy


$ docker pull andrewgaul/s3proxy

$ docker run --publish 80:80 --env S3PROXY_AUTHORIZATION=none andrewgaul/s3proxy

$ curl --request PUT

$ curl
<?xml version="1.0" ?><ListAllMyBucketsResult xmlns=""><Owner><ID>75aa57f09aa0c8caeab4f8c24e99d10f8e7faeebf76c078efc7c6caea54ba06a</ID><DisplayName></DisplayName></Owner><Buckets><Bucket><Name>testbucket</Name><CreationDate>2016-07-02T18:52:46.000Z</CreationDate></Bucket></Buckets></ListAllMyBucketsResult>


By default S3Proxy stores objects on the filesystem, listens on port 80, and uses Access Key ID remote-identity and Secret Access Key remote-credential. Users can set environment variables documented in the Dockerfile to configure the provider, credentials, etc.

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7 months ago

Please do no ask for support via comments; instead file issues on GitHub since Docker Hub does not generate notifications and it lacks any kind of replies.

I have not seen the Azure issue which is strange because x-ms-version is one of the required headers for many operations. Does this happen all the time or just for some operations?

8 months ago

D 01-27 12:27:44.911 S3Proxy-13 jclouds.wire:56 |::] << "[0xef][0xbb][0xbf]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Error><Code>InvalidHeaderValue</Code><Message>The value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format.[\n]"
D 01-27 12:27:44.912 S3Proxy-13 jclouds.wire:56 |::] << "RequestId:65034906-0001-0108-5798-78fc0b000000[\n]"
D 01-27 12:27:44.912 S3Proxy-13 jclouds.wire:56 |::] << "Time:2017-01-27T12:27:45.1259386Z</Message><HeaderName>x-ms-version</HeaderName><HeaderValue>2013-08-15</HeaderValue></Error>"

Any connection to ?