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Debian Jessie with XAMPP 7.1.1
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WARNING : This container should be used in a DEVELOPMENT environment only.

To run the image in a project folder for example (the project would be available at http://localhost/www/), enter these commands:
$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/www -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 -p 22:22 debian-xampp-7.1.1

You can then SSH to the container in order to obtain a CLI. NOTE: The only configured account is the root user with password 'root'. Example:
$ ssh root@localhost

If you wish to have your project at Apache's web root, you can execute these commands from the CLI:
$ export PATH=/opt/lampp/bin:$PATH
$ cd /opt/lampp
$ mv htdocs htdocs.OLD
$ ln -s /www htdocs

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