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Ubuntu 16.04 + VNC + OpenCV 3.1.0 (+ contrib) + Python 2.7 + BGSLibrary
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BGSLibrary on OpenCV 3.1.0

How to run
Pull the latest docker image:
docker pull andrewssobral/bgslibrary_opencv3
Start the container:
docker run -it -p 5901:5901 andrewssobral/bgslibrary_opencv3 bash
Start VNC:
/usr/bin/vncserver :1 -geometry 1280x800 -depth 24 && tail -f /root/.vnc/*:1.log
VNC password: password
Enjoy it! ;-)

The BGSLibrary is installed at: ~/bgslibrary

For killing VNC: vncserver -kill :1

Docker Pull Command

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a year ago

Hello guys, sorry for my late response, please try my last commit ;-) best

a year ago

a year ago

Hi - would love to try your library - but docker pull says you need a latest tag :
docker: Tag latest not found in repository