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Write CGI scripts in ZX Spectrum BASIC
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ZX Spectrum BASIC httpd Server

Finally, you can write CGI scripts for serving web pages in good old ZX Spectrum BASIC.

Run with Docker

Get Docker:

wget -qO- | sh

Run the server:

make run

In another terminal, try it out:

curl -v http://localhost:80/hello.basic

Run without Docker

  • Compile BAS2TAP from and put the exe in /bas2tap/bas2tap
  • Install Apache 2 web server
  • Configure Apache to use the spectrum-basic.cgi file for .basic files. Something like this:
    AddHandler spectrum-basic .basic
    Action spectrum-basic /cgi-bin/spectrum-basic.cgi
  • Put your .basic files into /var/www/html
  • Start Apache
  • Navigate to e.g. http://localhost:80/hello.basic



  • Docs on a derived docker container that allows you to drop in your own .basic files

  • Support multiple simultaneous connections by using xvfb-run -a, and
    somehow kill the right Xvfb at the end. Alternatively,
    kill the right fuse instance, and Xvfb and xvfb-run should get killed
    automatically. Alternatively, kill the whole tree from xvfb-run down.

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