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This is Waves mainnet production node.
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docker run -d -v waves:/root andyceo/waves


Will be the same as Waves releases:


  • /root/waves:rw - main Waves node directory that store wallet, peers and blockchain data. The user in container is root, it's home directory is /root, so Waves directory become ${user.home}"/waves" (see Waves Node Configuration File)


The working directory in container is root filesystem /, so you should place custom config to /local.conf to read it from default configuration file (see include "local.conf" in /waves-mainnet.conf for example).

Private net

By default this image use mainnet config file. To enable testnet, just pass testnet or devnet configuration file (all this configs are in image already):

docker run -d -v waves:/root/waves:rw andyceo/waves waves-testnet.conf


This image was originally started at 2016-11-12 17:46:33 +0300 in andyceo/docker-waves repository, on the Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, Digital October. Then it was upgraded to actual versions at 2017-10-05 18:28:58 +0300.

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