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Zcash Docker image.
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Download zcash parameters

sudo docker run --rm -v /data/zcash/.zcash-params:/root/.zcash-params:rw -v /data/zcash/.zcash:/root/.zcash:rw --entrypoint zcash-fetch-params andyceo/zcash


sudo docker run -d -v /data/zcash/.zcash-params:/root/.zcash-params:ro -v /data/zcash/.zcash:/root/.zcash:rw -h zcash --name zcash andyceo/zcash

Check hashrate

time ~/zcash/src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 10

time solveequihash NUM_ITERS [NUM_THREADS]

The result will be something like

real    1m15.879s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.004s

where the first number is the real time taken. Divide 10 by this value (converted into seconds) and you have your hashrate in hashes per second. Of course the advantage to this method is that you can easily run 100 or 1000 loops to average out the run times.


Will be the same as Zcash releases:


Previously, this image had two volumes: /root/.zcash-params and /root/.zcash. To simplify volume management, and add ability to store user history with zcash-cli and other cli tools, it has been changed to just /root.

  • /root/.zcash-params - contains zcash parameters, that could be obtained with zcash-fetch-params command.
  • /root/.zcash - this is the zcash.conf location, also wallet data, blockchain data, etc.
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