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Docker image for the SparkNotebook
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This docker is packaging the SparkNotebook, that is the easiest way to hack on Spark within minute :-D.

The SparkNotebook has been created by @noootsab and is officially supported by the @DataFellas company (website).

WARN: the combination you'd like might not exists, if so come on here.

Running it will simply start the underneath play application which listen on the port 9000.

Hence, using this DockerFile is:

  • docker pull andypetrella/spark-notebook:<tag>
  • docker run -p 9000:9000 -p 4040-4045:4040-4045 andypetrella/spark-notebook:<tag>

The <tag> is actually a composition of the:

  • notebook version
  • scala version
  • spark version
  • hadoop version
  • with spark hive
  • with spark parquet

Hence the version 0.6.1-scala-2.10.4-spark-1.5.0-hadoop-2.4.0 stands for

  • notebook version 0.6.1
  • scala version 2.10.4
  • spark version 1.5.0
  • hadoop version 2.4.0

And the version 0.6.1-scala-2.10.4-spark-1.5.0-hadoop-2.4.0-with-hive-with-parquet adds

  • hive support
  • parquet support

Check the tags page to check if your version is published.
If your combination doesn't not exists please go build it on the generator page

Downloading the image could take some time (as usual), however it starts within seconds.

To start hacking some Spark, just browse to http://localhost:9000

For more information about the Notebook features, you can refer to the

You can also poke us on Twitter @SparkNotebook, @KensuIO or even @noootsab).

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