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The next-generation binary analysis platform from Shellphish at UC Santa Barbara's Seclab!
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This is a repository to make installing a development version of angr easier.


To set up angr for development, automatically install dependencies, and automatically create a python virtualenv, do:

./ -i -e angr

This will grab and install angr.
You can launch it with:

$ workon angr
(angr) $ ipython
[1] import angr

Install (docker)

Alternatively, you can use the dockerfile:

$ docker build -t angr - < angr-dev/Dockerfile
$ docker run -it angr


To update angr, simply pull all the git repositories.

./ pull

For repositories that have C components (pyvex), you might have to rebuild.

pip install -e ./pyvex && pip install -e ./simuvex


Git keeps asking me for username and password. Are you trying to steal them from me?

This is because GitHub does not differentiate between "a non-existent repo" and "a private repo" (which they should not), and we cannot correctly handle this in our script right now.

Here are two solutions:

  • Check out angr-dev using `` instead of https.
    This requires you to have a GitHub account.


  • Run the following command instead:
    setsid sh -c 'tty; ps -jp "$$"; ./angr-dev/ <your arguments go here>' < /dev/null
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