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Minimal image for ruby programs, built using BoxFactory image builder.
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A small distro intended for assembling minimal docker images. The idea
is that your docker image will contain only what is necessary and
nothing more.

I was appalled that the golang-runtime docker images were hundreds of
MB, for what should be essentially glibc and a mostly statically
linked binary. The available alternatives were basically
use scratch and do it yourself
or the busybox image,
both of which are "too minimal" and require additional work to build
on. "BoxFactory" is my solution to this. boxfactory-base is about
20MB and includes a busybox shell environment, glibc, and just enough
to be able to install additional packages. No kernel, no udev, no
sshd. When you need more, it's just an opkg install away.

This is a trivial use of yocto/openembedded to build docker filesystem
images, and any credit should go to those projects.

To Use:

FROM anguslees/boxfactory-base
RUN opkg update && opkg install apache2
CMD ["/usr/sbin/apache2"]

Images Available:

  • anguslees/boxfactory-base - minimal image
  • anguslees/boxfactory-python2 - base + python2.7 + pip + virtualenv
  • anguslees/boxfactory-python3 - base + python3.3 + pip + virtualenv
  • anguslees/boxfactory-perl - base + perl
  • anguslees/boxfactory-ruby - base + ruby

If you think you have another combination that would be useful,
just ask or send a github pull request.

Packages Available:

To see the latest list of packages available:

docker run --rm -ti boxfactory-base
opkg update
opkg list

If there's a particular piece of software you were surprised was
missing from that list, let me know.

To Build:

Note this is not necessary to use boxfactory and will hasten the heat
death of the universe.

git clone
cd boxfactory
git submodule update --init
git clone -b 1.28 git:// oe/oe-core/bitbake
cd oe
source oe-core/oe-init-build-env

At this point you can run bitbake docker-image-minimal to build the
original root filesystem used in boxfactory-base, or bitbake <package name> to build a particular package. If you have lots of disk and
cpu time, bitbake -k world will attempt to build every package
possible (some will fail).


Email, or file issues and pull-requests against
the github project

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