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Mule runtime for Docker container
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It contains the configuration to run Mule runtime and Mule application on Docker container

Steps to use the service

  • Pull the image using docker docker pull anir37/anirban-mule
  • Once the image is pulled successfully use docker docker run -p 9082:9082 -t -i anirban-mule.
  • The sample application will be added and deployed to the Mule runtime which runs on http port 9082.
  • To access and test the deployed test application, use the url :- http://<your ip>:9082/testApplication
  • Please note the here <your ip> is the docker-machine ip if you are running docker in Windows; if running on Unix, where docker is intalled locally, you can use http://localhost:9082/testApplication or the ip address of the system.
  • You can also use the command docker ps command to get the container id and then use docker inspect <container id> | grep IPAddress to get the ip address to test the sample application.

:smiley: Thats it! You are ready with your Mule EE runtime in Docker container :+1:

  • Not that: If you have an enterprise licence key, you can put your own licence key in the Licence folder and uncomment the Dockerfile code that will install your licence file with the mule runtime (go through the detailed instruction).

If you don't have a licence key, then leave it as it is, the runtime will be created with Trial licence for 30 days.

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