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FROM python:2.7.11

MAINTAINER Kevin Delfour

Install pre-requisite

Make sure the package repository is up to date.

RUN dpkg --add-architecture i386
RUN apt-get update && \
apt-get -y upgrade && \
apt-get install -y cppcheck openssh-server curl git libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386

Install a basic SSH server

RUN sed -i 's|session required|session optional|g' /etc/pam.d/sshd
RUN mkdir -p /var/run/sshd

Install JDK 7 (latest edition)

RUN apt-get install -y openjdk-7-jdk

Add user jenkins to the image

RUN adduser --quiet jenkins

Set password for the jenkins user (you may want to alter this).

RUN echo "jenkins:jenkins" | chpasswd

Install PlatformIO

RUN python -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Prepare workspace volume

RUN mkdir -p /usr/local/workspace
VOLUME /usr/local/workspace

Positionning in worspace

WORKDIR /usr/local/workspace

Standard SSH port

CMD ["/usr/sbin/sshd", "-D"]

Docker Pull Command