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Docker image with pg_dump running as a cron task. A slight modification adds the :latest postgreSQL.
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Docker image with pg_dump running as a cron task. Find the image, here:


Attach a target postgres container to this container and mount a volume to container's /dump folder. Backups will appear in this volume. Optionally set up cron job schedule (default is 0 1 * * * - runs every day at 1:00 am).

Environment Variables:

Variable Required? Default Description
PGUSER Required postgres The user for accessing the database
PGPASSWORD Optional None The password for accessing the database
PGDB Optional postgres The name of the database
PGHOST Optional db The hostname of the database
PGPORT Optional 5432 The port for the database
CRON_SCHEDULE Required 0 1 * The cron schedule at which to run the pg_dump
DELETE_OLDER_THAN Optional None Optionally, delete files older than DELETE_OLDER_THAN minutes. Do not include + or -.


  image: annixa/docker-pg_dump
  container_name: postgres-backup
    - postgres:db #Maps postgres as "db"
    - PGUSER=postgres
    - PGPASSWORD=SumPassw0rdHere
    - CRON_SCHEDULE=* * * * * #Every minute
    - DELETE_OLDER_THAN=1 #Optionally delete files older than $DELETE_OLDER_THAN minutes.
  #  - PGDB=postgres # The name of the database to dump
  #  - PGHOST=db # The hostname of the PostgreSQL database to dump
    - /dump
  command: dump-cron

Run backup once without cron job, use "mybackup" as backup file prefix, shell will ask for password:

docker run -ti --rm \
    -v /path/to/target/folder:/dump \   # where to put db dumps
    -e PREFIX=mybackup \
    --link my-postgres-container:db \   # linked container with running mongo
    annixa/docker-pg_dump dump
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