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Kafka docker image on Alpine Linux distro.
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Kafka docker image

Build a kafka docker image on Alpine Linux distro.


  • Kafka:
  • Kafka manager: latest


Start a cluster with zookeeper and kafka:

  • docker-compose up -d

Add more brokers:

  • docker-compose scale kafka=3

Destroy a cluster:

  • docker-compose stop


The default docker-compose.yml should be seen as a starting point. By default each broker will get a new port number and broker id on restart. Depending on your use case this might not be desirable. If you need to use specific ports and broker ids, modify the docker-compose configuration accordingly

Automatically create topics

If you want to have kafka-docker automatically create topics in Kafka during creation, a _KAFKA_CREATE_TOPICS_ environment variable can be
added in docker-compose.yml.

Here is an example snippet from docker-compose.yml:


INBOUND topic will have 1 partition and 2 replicas, OUTBOUND topic will have 1 partition and 1 replica.

Custom environments variables

  1. Refer environment variables in Kafka documentation
  2. Convert the variable to uppercase, replace '.' with '_'
  3. Prepend KAFKA_ to the variable
  4. Use the variable as an environment variable
  • Advertised hostname: _KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME_
  • Advertised port: _KAFKA_ADVERTISED_PORT_

Kafka manager UI

  • http://localhost:9090
  • Create a cluster with zookeeper connection as 'zk:2181'
  • Automatically detect broker and topics
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